Greg Habstritt 2019

Often Wrong,
Rarely In Doubt.

I am a Dad to an awesome 11 year old boy, a lifelong entrepreneur, a slave to my two rescue dogs, and a guy just trying to figure out how the world works. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada — and wonder why that’s the case, every year, when the shitty winter weather sets in. But then I’m reminded why again when the summer comes, and we have the extraordinary Rocky Mountains at our feet.

As far as my business and entrepreneurial journey goes, the single thread that ties my unique and wide-ranging background together is the love of growth and innovation. I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart, and love building, shaping and growing businesses and industries. I’ve had some big successes, and fucked a few things up really well along the way too.

I love tackling market and business problems where a willingness to challenge the status quo leads to breakthroughs. I’ve been involved in numerous industries – radio, software, media production, real estate, coaching, finance and veterinary among many – and love to be told “you can’t do that”. It creates a fair share of friction and people thinking I’m an asshole, but that’s usually where the opportunity lies — when you care less what other people think.

Several years ago, like many people do, I started to find myself getting trapped in the cage of “more”. Never being happy with today’s success, because there was a bigger one around the corner. Seduced by the allure of more .. bigger .. stuff and things.

Why is that almost every human being seeks what is outside them, rather than just being content and pleased with what they have?

There’s seemingly a disdain for being happy where you are, and a sense that in order to be truly “happy” and fulfilled, there’s something out there they need to plug into themselves – like a missing piece of a puzzle.

Turns out, there are a few very good reasons why so many humans experience this relentless feeling that they’re not quite where they need to be in order to be happy.

So that brings you and I here, today. To figure out what the hell we really want, and what’s going to create happiness. I can’t promise any answers, but pushing against the norms and assumptions that most people have is what I’ve done my whole life.

Last thing: I tend to overthink and get irritated by stupidity and inefficiency. So depending on who you are, you’ve been warned.

Oh, and I swear quite a bit. So if that’s offensive to you, sorry. Not sorry.


That’s Not Enough? Fuck, OK fine.

If you’re interested in some of the crazy, dumb and awesome shit that I’ve done in my very unperfect business life, here are some random highlights:

  • Founded, built and grew more than 15 business in the last 25 years. Sold a few of them, made some money, lived the high life and realized the high (empty) life sucks.
  • Placed two companies on Canada’s fastest growing companies list (now called the Growth 500; one in 2000 (On Air Digital Audio at #58 on the list) and one in 2017 (Vets To Go at #72 on the list).
  • Vets To Go was named Calgary’s Small Business of the Year (2015) and named Alberta’s fastest growing company in 2016.
  • Raised and donated more than $1 million dollars to various charities and non-profits over the years including Virgin Unite, Humane Canada, the Calgary Humane Society, and funding the construction of a school in a remote village in Uganda (definitely my favourite, by far).
  • Spoken from stage to hundreds of thousands of people over the years, as well as organizing and hosting events with the likes of amazing people like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, F.W. deKlerk, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Michael Gerber .. it’s a long list but you get the point.
  • Author of a best selling book in Canada (and not a phony Amazon best seller in a 5th level category, but the #1 book on the topic of registered investments in Canada for several years straight, The RRSP Secret).
  • Built a speaking, training and coaching business to several million dollars a year, and then burned it all down when I decided I didn’t want to be in that world any more (and against the advice of many, deleted an email of ~140,000 people – that was actually fun).

Does anyone really care about any of this? I don’t. I’ve done a lot of interesting stuff, BUT the most meaningful part of my entrepreneurial journey is the number of absolutely extraordinary people I’ve been able to meet over the years. A few of them being speakers and personalities, but most of them completely unknown and unfamous people who were clients of mine, friends and unexpected connections that came into my life and walk on a path with me for however long it makes sense.

I’ve also lost some amazing people in my life because of unmet expectations, jealousy, greed, misunderstanding and mismatched core values, to name just a few reasons. And I was responsible for more of those than I like to admit. And then of course, losing people I loved to unfair shit like cancer, strokes and the like. The one at the top of that list is my Mom, who I lost in 2015 – the experience of which taught me a whole lot about what matters, and taught me a lot of shit about myself.

I’m unperfect, and I’m amazing. Just like everyone other human being on this planet. How every person deserves to feel. And that’s my goal here: to give everyone the gift of embracing their unperfectness, and their awesomeness.

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