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How To Find Your Life Purpose

It’s perhaps the most fundamental question that almost everyone comes to ask at some point.

What is my life purpose?  Why am I here?  What is my passion? 

An entire industry of books, workshops, training programs and life coaches exists, all based on the quest to answer this set of questions.

Many of them suggest that your passion and purpose are “out there” somewhere, and your job is to seek and uncover what the key will be to unlock your ultimate happiness and meaning.

But I believe this idea is complete bullshit.

For two reasons.  

First of all, the idea that you’re going to find what lights you up somewhere outside of yourself doesn’t make sense.  The marketing and advertising world has convinced you it’s out there and perhaps for sale, like everything else that will make you happy.

Like an advertisement selling Botox or high end vehicles, you’ve been convinced that there’s something wrong with you .. and that the solution to your problem can’t possibly lie inside you already.

Second, I would guess that you are looking for a more complicated answer to the question.  With something so important and meaningful as your life’s purpose, you may be hoping to discover that you are destined for something truly extraordinary and special.

Maybe that’s true.

But while you keep holding out, waiting and hoping for some magical answer to reveal itself, your life is passing you by.  And you’re left feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, confused and fearful that you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle. 

If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re still looking to uncover your life’s purpose.

Let the search end — I have it for you.   Seriously.

Your life’s purpose is simple:  to love.

Yes, it’s really that simple.  Let me show you why this is true.

Love is the central objective of human beings.  The centre of any life purpose is love and that’s where you start. Regardless of how you express or describe your life’s purpose .. it starts with love.

And the very beginning – the real catalyst of it – is loving yourself. From where all amazing things bloom and thrive.

Rather than looking outside, look within. Ask some simple questions and be prepared to follow the honest answers.

What do you love? What brings love to you? How can you cultivate and amplify love in others and in the world?

That’s where your passion and purpose is found.

Rather than looking under rocks and going to seminars that promise to “reveal” your life’s purpose, take a much simpler and easier path.

Start with love.

Because everything good and authentic starts with love.

If you channel your energy and focus on expanding the love in your life, and you focus on doing things that truly do cause your heart to grow and your love to expand .. your purpose will swell inside you until you can’t ignore it.

If you feel angst or frustration because you haven’t discovered your life or soul purpose yet — it’s not ‘out there’ to discover.

And that’s why you’re frustrated .. because you’re looking in the wrong place.  It’s been inside you the whole time.

And don’t try to make a list and figure out what it is, because that engages your intellectual brain — and that’s the part of you that fucks this conversation up completely.

No.  Start in your heart, because that’s where you’re going to find it.

It’s in you. And it starts with love.