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Where You Are In Life Is The Result Of One Thing.

The greatest power that you hold is the power of choice, because every choice you make dictates every result you get in your life – good or bad. And most importantly, every decision you make starts in your mind.

All of us start out with this incredible power, yet so many give it away by refusing to step up and be accountable for their decisions. Sadly, most people choose to be a victim of circumstances and others, and never recognize that they are choosing that position.

Look at some of the most successful people in the world, or even those that are around you, and you’ll find one thing in common – those who are consistently successful and happy do not choose the role of victim.

Allowing yourself to take on that role robs you of your ability to change your circumstance. As long as you feel that the problem or reason is “outside of you”, you instantly yield your personal power, and become the result of someone else’s choices.

The moment you decide it’s your responsibility, the world literally shifts for you.

I began practicing one of the most powerful habits I have a few years ago, every time I ran into a situation where something didn’t go the way I had hoped. Instead of looking around for someone to blame, or some excuse to justify it, I would simply ask myself, “What role did I play in this?

While most of us would like to believe it’s “never our fault” when things go wrong, the fact is we almost always have some responsibility when things go wrong. Whether it’s a business relationship, a marriage, or anything else, the willingness to accept your part is the difference between living in power, or living in regret.

When you’re honest with yourself, you’ll find a lot of situations where you did play a part .. and the moment you’re willing to accept it, that allows you to then learn from that experience.

You get to choose whether you play the victim, or the victor – and your understanding of the power of choice will dictate almost everything happens in your life!

You are making choices every minute of your life – what to think about next, how to feel, where to place your attention, and what you’re going to say.

The quality of your life is determined simply by the choices that you make along the way.

Want to change your life?

Change the quality of your decisions, and embrace the incredible power you have to change your circumstances.

This may sound too simple to be true, but the fact remains that whether something that happens to you is good or bad is based on whether you choose to think of it as good or bad.

Most of us have the experience that when something negative happens to us, later in time (with hindsight) we look back and recognize that what we perceived originally as negative .. turned out to be one of the greatest things that happened to us!

Don’t underestimate the gift you’ve been given to be able to make choices in your life.

It’s what makes each of us unique, and also gives every one of us the ability to make anything want of our life – all we have to do is truly choose to live a life of wonder, and the universe will set those things into motion to help you make it happen.