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Life Is Hard. Deal With It.

Yep, life is painfully hard sometimes. As much as we think life is supposed to be easy when we’re doing it correctly .. that’s just bullshit.

There’s a reason why it’s that way. It’s not just you.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Problems

Maybe you know that person who, from the outside, appears to have “the perfect life” .. somehow, everything just happens to them, and they never seem to have any bad things occur.

How do they do it?

The Danger of Polarized Thinking

This might be one of the easiest and simplest ways for you to INSTANTLY begin making better decisions in your life. It’s an incredibly common mistake made by almost everyone ..

Minimal Isn’t It.

Everyone’s looking for the answer.
The short cut. The “hack” that will let you achieve more, get more, be more, do more. By doing less.

When you stand back and think about it, that makes no fucking sense.